Friday, August 1, 2014

...AIRBUS 350...! Airbus A350XWB: On board the world's newest passenger jet...! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF a Boeing 777: it has double redundant systems and generators for electrical power and hydraulics...! USA AIR FORCE ONE 747 does not have winglets either !

Airbus A350XWB: On board the world's newest passenger jet
By Dean Irvine, CNN
updated 2:35 PM EDT, Wed July 30, 2014
Airbus says its new A350XWB passenger plane will burn 25% less fuel than existing similar size jets.


(CNN) -- Takeoff on one of Airbus' new A350WXB test planes is a strangely quiet experience.

Powered by two hulking Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines, you'd expect to hear more than just a low whirring noise when tearing down the runway.
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But when leaving the ground and heading into the clear blue skies of a Hong Kong morning, there was little else to hear on the newest addition to commercial aviation.

Compounding the hush was the unique nature of the flight.

Most of the select few passengers on board flight AIB 206 to Singapore were from the plane's manufacturer; part of a dedicated team undertaking the final tests to make sure the aircraft is certified to enter service in December with its first customer, Qatar Airways.

The flight was part of Airbus's A350XWB "route proving" trip, something akin to a world tour where existing and potential customers can take a look at the goods first hand, while the engineers continue to test and tinker.

Named MSN005, the aircraft that flew across the South China Sea, the Malaysian peninsula and Sumatra, is one of only two of the fleet of five test planes kitted out with a full cabin, so the flight was a good indication of what's in store for millions of passengers in the coming years.

Seating four abreast in the 42-seat business class sections, nine abreast in the two economy cabins, this is the future of long-haul travel as presented by the European plane maker.

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...until they diminish jet flight after the end of CRUDE OIL and usage of organic ('!...synthetic...!') fuels, I would travel by jet! mind you with a hefty as possible carrier accidents and life insurance...!

...but i am convinced humans will have to go back to CRUISE OCEANIC LINERS, which can function on all electric tandem MOTOR/GENERATORS systems, with no need for any major specialty in batteries, as it could even be a huge MAGNETO...!

...believe me, Arabs and countries depending on natural gas and crude oil income for ever, are doomed...! they will have to go to another system of economy or source of revenue...!

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