US Initiates A New Stage In Its Relations With Venezuela

July 26, 2014 at 11:24 pm
Asi tienen que irse al sur a vacacionar ! Y el sur no tiene tanto cache…! Y despues, atraparlos tambien en el sur! Hasta iaslarlos en su paraiso infernal de Venezuela!
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Image from Semana magazine
One of the puzzles over the last decade, has been the timid attitude of the US Government towards corrupt Venezuelan officials, who roam around the US enjoying their ill-gotten gains. In fact, it is known that some of them, have turned evidence in exchange for being allowed to stay in the US or not prosecuted. Despite this, it just seems as if over the years, it was all an intelligence gathering operation with no follow up.
That may have changed this week.
After an effort was apparently rebuffed by the Obama administration to impose sanctions on Venezuelan Government officials, the US Government has clearly and quietly gone on the offensive this week.
First, it was former Judge Benni Palmeri Bacchi, who arrived in Miami in a private plane (like so many current and former Chavista officials like to fly) with his family to enjoy two weeks…
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