Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sun-day news for today and of the week...!

Sun-day news for today and of the week...!

Pro-Russia rebels seize black boxes and bodies from MH17, vow to hand them ...

Thousands flee as Israeli troops battle militants in Gaza

Typhoon Kills 17 in China

Current inflation is killing off the Canadian middle class: Don Pittis

Honda Indy not a complete washout for fans

Atlantic salmon can adapt to warmer waters

Reynolds hit with $23.6bn damages bill

Iran deadline extended to nov 24

Multiple Bus Crash in Germany Kills 10, Injures 69

UK, France, Germany eye fresh Russia sanctions after plane disaster

In 20 years we will prove we are NOT alone: NASA

Gardeners can help bees


...i've decided that air travel is dangerous, and you want to get cheaply to somewhere...! so get your accidents-life insurance beefed up or a new one for one year...! what else can you do ?

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