Wednesday, July 30, 2014 for tuesday 29 july 2014...! paul ryan a pathway to nowhere! - climate change warning! puting diverces!

George F Thomson

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...republicans make more poor! they break companies and put people out in the street...! Jesus said to not take away the nests from the birds...!


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...not the right economics...! they crash the World economy!


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yep! are you going to devastate the Arctic ?
(Adds comment from Republican lawmaker, paragraphs 7-8) By Roberta Rampton WASHINGTON, July 29 (Reuters) - Putting off expensive measures to curb climate change will only cost the United States more in the long run, th...


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...putin ya must know what yer doing !
News broke yesterday that Vladimir Putin is finally single after 30 years of marriage. Jimmy Kimmel explained that Putin and his wife divorced over the normal long-term couple squabbles, you know, "don't invade Ukraine, stop cracking down on dis...

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