Friday, July 18, 2014

More on "advanced" "biased" 21st century human technology...!

Tesla Motors Opens First Supercharger Station In Canada
Posted by: News Jul 18, 2014

Electric car enthusiasts got a fresh jolt Thursday as Tesla Motors opened its first B.C. supercharger station in Squamish.

The charging station is one of 102 now open in North America. There are also 32 Supercharger stations in Europe and one in China with more planned to open soon.

Superchargers are designed for the Tesla Model S to travel for about three hours.


...modern human "biased" inferior technology...! = TESLA have a double electric motor system, double small battery pack, and one generator that charges and direct supplies electricity to the electric motor in use...!


...MEANWHILE get yourself a VOLT-GM or a YUKON HYBRID and adapt a potable HONDA GENERATOR...!

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