Sunday, July 27, 2014

...MH17 news for Sunday...! Malaysian should change name and re-strucuture...!

George F Thomson

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Good idea! The sooner the better! A bad luck name!
Malaysia Airlines could change its name as part of brand overhaul prompted by the recent tragedies.


...Very humane! 30,000feet very dangerous height to fly! Fighter jets have their oxygen masks compulsory at all times because of this...!

...In my World you do not fly above 15,000 feet! Humans are to be cared for! Secondly jet fuel prices and crude oil prices is white collar theft!

...Thirdly, global warming is true, and we should all be on electric Ocean Cruise liners, and slow down the World crazy pace...!

...O2 is limited, not noticeable yet, PLEASE STOP BURNING UP WORLDS OXYGEN...!
All it takes is a few simple images to hit home what the MH17 tragedy really means.
...LOOTING in not sacrosant! house was slowly being looted by the townhouster shantee nuts!
they must be poor shits of Canada!
A young Ukrainian has prompted widespread outrage after posing in make-up apparently looted from the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.
Selfies of not! You may as well take one!
Gary, a keen footballer, was travelling to Kuala Lumpur with his mother as part of a trip for single parents and their children.
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