Thursday, July 10, 2014

...can oceans be finally saved...?

Can scientists save the world's sea life from "ocean acidification"?

CAPITALISM WORK BASIS and downward spiral of usage of fuel burning, in the self destruction of their home of the Planet!

Emirates finalizes $56 billion order for 150 Boeing 777X planes
Wed Jul 9, 2014 9:47am EDT


By the end of the century, the only living things left in our oceans could be plankton and jellyfish. Alex Renton meets the scientists who are trying to turn the tide


(Reuters) - Dubai airline Emirates [EMIRA.UL] finalized a $56 billion order to buy 150 Boeing (BA.N) 777X jets on Wednesday, firming up a commitment made last year, just weeks after scrapping an order with rival planemaker Airbus (AIR.PA).

The deal includes purchase rights for an additional 50 airplanes which, if exercised, could increase the value to about $75 billion at list prices, Boeing said in a statement.

"With the order for 150 777Xs, Emirates now has 208 Boeing 777s pending delivery, creating and securing jobs across the supply chain," Emirates president Tim Clark said.



...the ease and speed of jet travel, is a style of life, ensuring future World disaster...!

...i am sure mental biases, and less intelligent politicians, will impede, a more RATIONAL LIFE AND WORLD...!

...THEIR JESUS OR RELIGIONS,  are not coming to save anybody...! NOR IS SANTA CLAUS and his "REINDEER'S" ...!

THE FUTURE WORLD FOR OUR CHILDREN AND THEIRS, is not going to be much less than a RUBBISH DUMP...! In which the Governments and Rich made money and did it, and WILL BE HATED FOR EVER...!

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