Some Questions And Inconsistencies On The Carvajal Affair

More than Bizarre, Surreal…! They all go back to the mire of “money power” after jail, like NORIEGA…!
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There are too many  unanswered questions about the Carvajal affair. Too many inconsistencies. I have been wondering about them, some I have seen asked elsewhere, others not. So, here is my list of mysteries surrounding this affair:
-Knowing that General Carvajal was in the US Drug kingpin list since 2008, why did the Maduro Government name him as Consul to Aruba?
-Did the Venezuelan Government ever notify The Netherlands of Carvajal’s nomination as Consul to Aruba? El Universal says it never happened.
-Why did Carvajal, knowing about the extradition treaty between The Netherlands and the US travel to Aruba before he had been given the placet or approval by The Netherlands?
-Why did Maduro want to name Carvajal as Consul to Aruba specifically? Is it related to the island being an offshore financial center?
-Why would a legal resident of the US, lend or lease his US company’s jet to…
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Aruba: El Pollo flew the coop

Aruba: El Pollo flew the coop

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Well, that didn’t take long!

Hugo Carvajal, a.k.a. “El Pollo” (the chicken), the Venezuelan consul candidate accused of providing weapons to the FARC, working with Iranian intelligence, and who’s under investigation for his role on the attacks to the Colombian consulate and the Jewish center in Caracas, was released by Aruban authorities, after Holland decided he did qualify for diplomatic immunity but declared him person non-grata.
This is yet another instance where America is perceived as weak, since
The arrest was based on a formal request from the United States. [Aruba's chief prosecutor Peter] Blanken said Aruba was “obliged to cooperate” because of a treaty with the United States.
Carvajal immediately flew back to Caracas, in time to attend the PSUV congress and walk into Nicolas Maduro’s arms:

Daniel Duquenal:
The thing is that the swift, I repeat the word, retrieval of Carvajal means that not only the army has acted but also the drug traffickers, and all the thugs that could be affected
Raúl Stolk, in a post titled Chicken Run,
This, of course, raises a bunch of questions:
  • Has the US anything to say? What about the request for extradition?
  • Jose Ignacio Hernandez explained at Prodavinci that immunity alone would not suffice to protect Carvajal if the reason for his detention was not related to his functions as head of the Venezuelan Consulate in Aruba. Then, why would the Dutch just go with Venezuela’s lame arguments to release the man?
  • Does everybody fear Diosdado? (Damn!)
  • Is dealing drugs ok now?
Miguel Octavio has a lot more questions:
-Why did Maduro want to name Carvajal as Consul to Aruba specifically? Is it related to the island being an offshore financial center?
-Why would a legal resident of the US, lend or lease his US company’s jet to someone in the US drug kingpin list in the Patriot’s Act era?
Juan Cristobal Nagel asks, Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?
The Caribbean economies are mighty fragile. The last thing the US, the Netherlands, and other colonial powers need … is for Maduro’s instability to spill over into the islands.
Interesting question, but I think Nagel may overestimate U.S. influence on this issue.
More from Venezuela-Europa:
So: the man in charge of the foreign relations for the  Kingdom of the Netherlands took the decision to liberate a man who
  1. came in with a false passport,
  2. had over $20000 with him and had not declared that money
  3. had not received the placet to become a consul,
  4. was accused by the US of having tortured and murdered two Colombian officials, of having helped a terrorist organisation and being responsible for cocaine trafficking.
To keep the caged bird from singing?
Smart diplomacy!:

A senior U.S. official said the U.S. had been blindsided by the Dutch

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  1. George F Thomson Says:
    Junkies finance everything with DRUGS, because Governments do not have work for all and a good life! HOW can governments work along with DRUGS? Why? The lure of what is not given through legal means!
Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?

Is there a link between Petrocaribe and Carvajal?

Bizarre, things of power ! Drugs, Military and ?Religion go in hand! FALSE HOPES OF A GOOD LIFE in the “HELL” they make of LIFE…!
USA did not contact him, to be infiltrated! So he is back to do what he wants as usual! MORE THAN BIZARRE…SURREAL…!
Originally posted on Caracas Chronicles:
The return of the consul
The return of the consul
As we try to make sense of the bizarre happenings of the past weekend regarding the jailing and subsequent release of Hugo Carvajal, it is worth revisiting a crazy theory I put out back in March. It goes something like this: the US sees Maduro as the lesser of two evils, because Petrocaribe ensures a certain modicum of stability for the Caribbean basin. Anything that rocks the fragile relationship between the Venezuelan NarcoState and the Caribbean countries is a source of concern for the big kahunas in the North.
I think the politics of the Caribbean basin are an important factor when analyzing Venezuela’s relationships with some of its antagonists in the first world. We’ve tried to address the importance of Venezuelan subsidies to the region’s economies, and even brought in a Caribbean analyst to spell it out for us. It’s a topic that still…
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Breaking: Chicken Run [Updated]

Breaking: Chicken Run [Updated]

Of the lesser evils! DRUGS and power “suck”…! Where is the good life ? Impunity, opens the doors, like NORIEGA…! After years of jail overseas! Back to the same place of power! NO COUNTRY PROGRESS in Nicaragua!
Originally posted on Caracas Chronicles:
Why would I put a picture of a refinery in a story that has nothing to do with oil?
Why would I put a picture of a refinery in a story that has nothing to do with oil?
[Update: The Dutch confirm Carvajal will be freed and reports say he will board a Caracas-bound flight shortly. Teach your children to traffic coke, folks, it's the only thing that pays.]
Our favorite story of the week —that which took our attention from the really important stuff— has come to an abrupt end. According to Elías Jaua – who apparently moonlights as a public information officer for the Dutch foreign ministry these days - the Kingdom of Holland approved Hugo Carvajal’s credentials as Consul and ordered his immediate release.
In short, he said that the Dutch had agreed with Venezuela’s arguments, and recognized this was a violation of the Vienna Convention. We have not been able to confirm this with any other sources so far.
This, of course, raises a bunch…
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