Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ILLEGAL RELIGION - Religious Ritual "HUMAN SACRIFICE" - Jesus Christ...! 1/2

Illegal Religion - Religious Ritual Human Sacrifice - Jesus_Christ

Died for all once and for all in a "blood pagan sacrifice"...!

The worship of a human sacrifice continues making it illegal...!

The requirement to believe in this Jesus sacrifice "resurrected" with no proof, the main bad logic for saving yourself and going to heaven, makes it illegal also...! AS IT IS THE CONTINUED USE OF THIS HUMAN SACRIFICE...!

WORLD GOVERNMENTS are naive and ignorant...! And what was made holy, has gone out of date, in World History...!

ANY PRESENCE OF THE BIBLE ANYWHERE, makes what it is used for, illegal...!

TODAY'S LAWS DO NOT PERMIT "HUMAN BLOOD DEATH SACRIFICES", NOR ANY, as it means a homicide...! And "ANIMAL SACRIFICES IN RELIGIOUS RITUALS" is also not as bad fine legal line...!

THIS IS FURTHER PROOF, that  the Bible is not true, and is a merely a story, not worth believing...!

Bible Religions have to redeem themselves and change their Book, and follow Pure Logic, and new religious rituals...! If they want to not disappear in oblivion of a lost belief and cause!

WHEN YOU EVEN pray to this God and Jesus, you are affirming and using a "human sacrifice"...!

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