Friday, April 11, 2014

...State of the 'English' Empire "speech" 2014...!

'State' of the Kingdom address...!
Where is the "blue" crayon...?
Wizard of Id
By Parker and Hart
By Charles M. Schulz


...state of the 'English" Empire Speech...! 2014 :

The 'faith' of our fathers, has guided thus far...!
From the 'Crusades', to "witch burnings", to 'peasants' and 'niger plantation slaves'...!
From 'peasants' to welfare peasants...! From Crown-land, to 'crown-land' and 'property taxes'...!
From 'horses' to 'mobile property'...! From 'horses' to planes...!
But as always, Crown and Government life is a 'privilege' as that of the 'Rich'...!
And you are most all 'suckers'...! Your teeth is your 'problem'...!
And food banks are to give you what they do not give nor does the Crown !
We trick the World and give 'immigrants' a better life, until they become trapped into poordom...!
By the time most of them die, their children loose all their parents worked for, plus their houses...!

But only because generally they can "survive" better lives than their homelands, they stay...!
The Crown works mostly for the Landlords, that need your houses to rent to you 'suckers'...!

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