Wednesday, March 19, 2014

...more than a Scientific achievement, it is really making the "MYSTERY" more true...!

Closest resolution [ 1 pixel = 2m ] [off focus!]

Further away zoom that is focused...!

NASA’s stunning 680-gigapixel mosaic moon image offers rare, incredibly detailed look at lunar surface
National Post Staff | March 19, 2014 | Last Updated: Mar 19 5:52 PM ET

This handout image provided by NASA on March 19, 2014 shows the largest high resolution mosaic of our moon's north polar region. Scientists, using cameras aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), have created the mosaic. The six-and-a-half feet (two-meters)-per-pixel images cover an area equal to more than one-quarter of the United States.The images making up the mosaic were taken by the two LRO Narrow Angle Cameras, which are part of the instrument suite known as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC).


...more than a Scientific achievement, it is really making the "MYSTERY" more true...!

...we can ask:

IS THE MOON  a rocky sponge surfase...?

OR ARE those craters old and new, really more than 2 meters deep "DUST", as more than 1 pixels = 2m wide round craters, of head on 90degrees hits of space rocks, or do the craters round off after on inclined oblong holes hits...?
BECAUSE even in water, an angle hit of a stone makes a oblong pathway...!!!

...ANYWAY, FOLKS...! YOU CAN ONLY IMAGINE the "IMAGINABLE"...! [we sometimes say "TO IMAGINE THE un-imaginable...!"] They do not want to give the true real data...!!!

WHY ARE WE MIS-INFORMED ABOUT THE MOON ? Simply by ancient mentalities of "OBSCURANTISM" ...!

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