Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three places PM Stephen Harper most surely should have gone to in his ISRAEL visit, if he did not...! AND NOT THE "WAILING" WALL...!

Three places PM Stephen Harper most surely should have gone to in his ISRAEL visit, if he did not...!

Why did 10 evangelical leaders fly with Harper to Israel?
January 28, 2014. 6:33 pm • Section: Politics, The Search

Ten influential evangelical Protestant pastors and leaders flew with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his recent trip to Israel, which included visits to holy sites and extensive photo opportunities.

No mainline Protestant leaders — from such large denominations as the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Church, the Lutherans or the Presbyterians — were on the trip, according to the official list of more than 208 selected guests, many of them donors to the Conservative Party.

Dozens of the official participants had their way funded by taxpayers, but the PMO’s office said those in the “accompanying party” did not. However, some journalists are starting to look into whether parts of the expenses of the “accompanying party” were covered by taxpayers.



[-] Religious leaders and Politics, go hand in hand ! Did you know that RELIGION gives or tries to give what GOVERNMENT DOES NOT GIVE YOU ! Hopes in the after life of what you did not get here or were supposed to get ! A NORMAL MEDIUM CLASS LIFE IF NOT BETTER !

THAT IS WHY THESE LEADERS WENT WITH Stephen Harper to Israel ! The place of origin of these Bible Religions...!

[-] THE WAILING WALL has a History to each stone there ! I HOPE STEPHEN HARPER learned about that ! And to which stone he put his hands "onto"...! I HOPE YOUR HANDS DO NOT "BURN", as there are a few Canadians and Police whose hands have touched me, and should have their hands "burn"...!

THE WAILING WALL is a place not of hope but of FALSE HOPES, and the Government of Israel is causing these false hopes and the Old Testament of the Bible...!

[-] THE 3 PLACES "Stephen Harper" that you would normally visit as a Bible English Country are:

(1) Bethlehem the alleged birth place of "JESUS"...! Called the Christ or a Christ...!
(2) Golgotha or the place believed to be Golgotha...!
(3) The Mount of Olives, where Jesus has to land and put his feet down on...!

IN PURE LOGIC, I do not believe in the possibility nor feasibility of number three(3), and I doubt number (2), and number (1) would not matter...!

Of course the Book of Pure Logic, proves the Bible's logic mostly inferior and wrong logic...!

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