Tuesday, November 26, 2013

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDING! ...a bye and thanks on Twitter to what I thought was the better justice of the English on this Planet...!

Last Tweets to Monarchy UK and PM Harper, thanking them and wishing the best, BUT DOUBTING IT...!

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! And now I know what and the why of what has happened to me in my life and in Canada !

  1. I just seem to know what causes things and Governments decay! Thanks and bye! Long live the Justice of the English!
  2. Though your realm has lasted and the UK, to levels of good living. I wish you well on Canada and a PM after Stephen Harper!
  3. Bye and thanks. I am sad and sorry for knowing the why of things and Governments destruction or construction! Bye and thanks!
  4. Bye once again. Drugs and Denial are inexorably destructive! My Book of Pure Logic, will do the denial part of it! Or the good!
  5. The Canada Police run the grime, and peasants animal control! And Gov does not inspect! It is bad and deplorable! Ottawa has it!
  6. Believe me the dirt and shame of peasants I have witnessed here is as bad or worse than Venezuela! We can still manage but barely!
  7. My hope even if you all may have thought the contrary, is that my work may have a positive normal effect! Sadness of reality!
  8. False economies, drugs and money laundering, need grime and to cause it, and this makes bigger and bigger gov. loads of peasants!
  9. You might not get affected by a Trudeau or Lib. Gov. But probably your kids might and also mine! Anyway I am drained saying bye!
  10. When action(s) of pure logic are done, like mine, plus my Books! Things can only go or real worse, or better! Sadly the "bads" win!
  11. Thanks anyway. You have done a lot for us! I fear for Canada and us after you have gone or a successor of the Conservative Party!
  12. Congratulations to Larry Maguire and Ted Falk. I look forward to working with both of you.
  13. A low middle class family was not defended by a Supreme Court judge! Systemics and Drugs will bring you down! Thanks anyway
  14. It is a sad sad day! No legal words are valid nor Legal Pharmacy trademarks! I do not see a good future for Canada!
  15. Gallery: The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge tour the tiger enclosure ahead of a meeting of the United ...


...a bye and thanks on Twitter to what I thought was the better justice of the English on this Planet...!

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