What Government Control Of The Media Means In Venezuela

Soluciones para los trabajadores de SIDOR!:
Que no cierren a SIDOR!
Coleccionar en secreto AK-47 y balas!
Comer callado lo poco que les dan!
Mi humilde opinion!
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You would think from the headlines of El Universal, El Mundo and Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias shown above, that the Government had scored a big victory in signing a collective bargaining agreement with Sidor workers and managing to appease Venezuela’s steel conglomerate and its unions.
Except that the information is fake. False.
There is no agreement. This is just a staging of the signing of a contract.
There is no legally signed or approved contract. It has not been approved by the Assembly of workers, nor has it been signed by the Executive Committee of the union. This is simply a media operation by the Government taking advantage of its almost total control over all the print and broadcast media. For more than 15 million Venezuelans, the Government won in its fight against the “right” trying to destabilize it using Sidor. When and if there are more…
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